Why use Jabuti Hail Team for your auto hail repair?
EXPERIENCE.  It starts with experience.  Our owner, Duane A. Langenfeld, has over 23 years experience repairing hail damaged vehicles using paintless dent repair, or paintless dent removal.  He’s personally repaired over 15,000 vehicles with his many years servicing dealerships and body shops.  He’s run several shops for other hail companies when they needed a hail technician lead. From writing estimates to longevity in this business to customer service Duane is the best the area has to offer.

WE’RE EASY.  We work with each customer in each situation making the process easy.  We understand insurance companies and have no problem handling the process for you once you file your claim.  Automotive hail repair isn’t a complicated process and we will help you each step of the way.

GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP.  On all of our hail repair we offer a limited lifetime warranty. Meaning, we cover whatever we’ve repaired regarding the auto hail repair process.

NO DEDUCTIBLE*.   This one confuses a lot of people.  By law, when you choose a company to do your repairs, the contract for repair exists between you and the repair facility. If that facility chooses to give your deductible back as an incentive, no insurance company can do a thing about it.  We are fast enough and experienced enough to profit without charging you a deductible up to $500.00 on full hail repair.

FREE REMOTE START OR $250.00 BACK. We offer, with a FULL HAIL REPAIR ONLY, either a free remote start or $250.00 back to you. Rather than spend money on billboards, radio ads or tv spots, we give it to YOU!

* No deductible up to $500.00 on a full hail repair.

A hail storm has damaged your vehicle, now what?

1. Call your insurance company and report the claim.

2. Contact our office and schedule. Call using either number location at the top or bottom of the page!

3. We handle it from there!